The Training Hour


The Training Hour at FBC is designed to mature disciples of Jesus Christ and classes run from Sept-May at 9am in the Outreach Center.

Class Recordings

Catch up on classes you've missed here. (Note: This page is password protected because it is designed for those who are currently attending the classes. If you would like the password, ask your teacher or contact the church office.)

 2017 Fall Semester Class Descriptions


Discipling is basic to Christianity. As disciples, we follow Christ and want others to do the same. So how do we help them do that? This class will train you how to help others become more like Christ. Discipling is not just for pastors, but for all Christians—because Jesus commanded all believers to make disciples. So part of our obedience to Jesus is leading others to obedience. You, yes you, can disciple someone! Come learn how!

Teacher: Micah Lugg


We live in a world drifting away from a biblical worldview. As it does so, it is attacking that very foundation it was built on. We, as followers of Christ, are increasingly called upon to defend the truth, but we can often feel inadequate to the task. This class will give you the tools to be a powerful witness for Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to be trained in defending the faith!

Teacher: David Forsyth

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