The Training Hour


The Training Hour at FBC is designed to mature disciples of Jesus Christ and classes run from Sept-May at 9am in the Outreach Center.

Class Recordings

Catch up on classes you've missed here. (Note: This page is password protected because it is designed for those who are currently attending the classes. If you would like the password, ask your teacher or contact the church office.)


 2018 Semester Class Descriptions. 

A Theology of Work

Have you ever struggled to find joy in your everyday routine? Do you look at your daily grind as a daily exercise in futility? The Bible has much to say about how God views our work. Whether your workplace is the home or an office or a job site, God wants you to see the value in what you do everyday. This class will help you do that. Pastor David will show you how God's word can transform your perspective of your daily calling.


Living as a Church: The What's & Why's of Church Life

Many of us have attended church all our lives, but few can explain from Scripture why we do what we do. We can't defend our practice from Scripture. Why do we do things differently from there denominations? Why do our worship services look the way they do? How did God design the church to function? This class will answer these questions and many more as Micah Lugg shows the biblical basis for how we function as a church.