2017 Father-Son Beach Camp


The Father & Son Beach Camp was initiated out of a conviction to see fathers be the leaders in the home. To educate and encourage them do what God has called them to do and display that example to their sons.

We are on our 8th year and have seen many fruits from this labor and we are excited about teaming with FBC for 2017.

Our desire is to use the F/S Beach Camp as an outreach to men who want to learn practical tools that can assist them in being a God-honoring father.

What are few things we have come to expect from the Father/Son Beach Camp:
God's Word
Great food
Time with your son
God's Word
Fellowship around the fire
Time with your dad
Worship and teachings that will help us dive deep into God’s Word

Leaving a Legacy...
Understanding the importance of being a godly leader to our children and then having that passed on to their children.

Dates: March 31-April 2 Friday to Sunday

Location: San Clemente State Beach Campground

$60 each for the first three in a family
$15 for each additional member.

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